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Beware those mock drafts

NBA mock drafts make for entertaining reading, but don't take them as gospel. Just ask Kenneth Faried.

When the Morehead State center was scoping his draft prospects earlier this month, what little information he could glean from NBA teams was that he'd either be drafted in the second round or not at all. So he withdrew his name and will be back in Morehead for his senior season.

Yet when he checked out some mock drafts, he was in for a small surprise.

"After I made up my mind, though, I went online and saw the ESPN mock draft where they had me in the first round [at No. 22 to Portland]. And I was just wowed by it. Shocked. I was happy to see myself there, but I didn't know what to think. Were they getting information that was right? Because when I was hearing from NBA teams, they had been telling me completely different things."

That's from this great story by SI.com's Luke Winn, who talked to six underclassmen after the early entry deadline to withdraw passed. Some, like Fredette and, JaJuan Johnson and Faried, chose to return to school after learning all they could during the shortened window.

Others, like Darington Hobson and Jordan Crawford heard enough to stay in … not that it was easy with the stupid two-week window.

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