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Calipari's term of endearment

Kentucky's back at No. 1. The blogosphere may not care.

Not long after the Wildcats resumed the top spot in the AP and coaches' polls, John Calipari was on SportsCenter, chatting with host John Buccigross about his team's relative youth and luck in starting 19-0.

Buccigross tried to use that as a segway, but it didn't work. For best results, watch the video here, or check out the transcript, courtesy of Michael David Smith at Fanhouse:  

Buccigross: "You talk about luck and bouncing the ball, and certainly had you had that against Kansas, certainly your Memphis team could have been a national champion."
Calipari: "Now why would we bring that up? That was two years ago, John. What are you trying to bring up memories of a three that goes through a rafter? And 'Why didn't you call a timeout?' And 'You should have fouled earlier.' I thought we were going to talk about Kentucky.
Buccigross: "Let's take a 20-second timeout."
Calipari: "You must be from Western PA, John. Where are you from?"
Buccigross: "Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania."
Calipari: "OK, so you're a jagoff. Basically, you're a jagoff."

At that point, Buccigross smiles, you hear Calipari laughing and they go on with the interview. When it's over, Buccigross laughs and calls Calipari "a nut." The things you hear on the AM SportsCenter!

If you're not familiar with the term, click here. And no, it's not a nice term – unless you believe Calipari's tweets that followed.

UKCoachCalipari: John Buccigross & I go back 10 yrs. We're both from Pitt. It's a term of endearment & we went back n forth using that term b4 we went on-air

UKCoachCalipari: John's great @ what he does. I stunned him w/ my Pittsburghese. Come on, John. You're better than that. Watch the haters blow this up (DP)

Man, this is something that needs to catch on (or else I need to work in Pittsburgh). My seat in the newsroom is right by the main entrance, and every time I greet someone with a somewhat colorful greeting, they flip out!

C'mon guys, lighten up! Sometimes four-letter words are affectionate!

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