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Pitt's perfect to add to Big Ten

It was a needlessly wordy announcement, but it was there: The Big Ten will expand.

As detailed on CFT.com, during the next 12-18 months, the conference office will "obtain, to the extent possible, information necessary to construct preliminary options and recommendations without engaging in formal discussions with leadership of other institutions."

Keith Srakocic/AP
Jamie Dixon would be a natural on the Big Ten sidelines.

In other words, go talk to some schools and find out who wants to help us go from 11 to 12 teams.

Perhaps it doesn't make the most sense from financial standpoint, but it's happening. Most of the discussion will focus on football – that's where the big money is – but what about the hoops?

Several schools have been tossed out – West Virginia, Syracuse, Cincinnati, Louisville, Rutgers -- and most would be excellent basketball additions. Most talk, however, seems to be circling around Pitt and Missouri.

The Tigers have already said they'd listen if approached. They're not exactly Big Ten country, but are close enough for it to make sense. Yet it seems strange to think of Missouri not playing Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and its other Big 12 rivals every year. Maybe not.

It's mostly my way of saying Pitt is the ideal school. (Much like others already have said here, here and here.

It's plenty big (about 28,000 enrollment), would be a travel partner with Penn State and provides plenty of hoops competition, which would actually benefit the Big Ten. Pitt was a No. 1 seed last season and was among the best programs of the decade under Jamie Dixon and Ben Howland.

If you're gonna expand, talk to Pitt.

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