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And the Big Ten celebrates ...

Andy Manis/AP
Wisconsin's Trevon Hughes, left, and Ryan Evans celebrate the Badgers' win.

Great anti-climatic moments in sports:

OK, so maybe the ACC-Big Ten Challenge doesn't belong with those other moments – it is a basketball event in December – but it probably feels that way to most Big Ten fans, who have watched 10 of these things only to see the ACC win every single one.

Yet, I'm certain people will remember Wisconsin's victory as the key to the Big Ten's big moment, not the Buckeyes. It was the event's marquee upset, and came against Duke, the school that had never lost a game in the annual series.

Even Illinois' remarkable comeback against Clemson -- 23 points down in the second half? -- may be the one people point to. That game was probably the most entertaining of the night.

Maybe I'm jumping the gun. Maybe people will think of how the No. 15 Buckeyes handled the No. 21 'Noles for the official clinched. But it doesn't feel like it, right? After all, everyone relishes a win against Duke. I mean, you didn't see Buckeyes fans rushing the court after the win the way Wisconsin fans did, right? (We'll discuss rules for rushing the court some other time.)

Anyway, congrats to the Big Ten. It was a long time coming. Look for statistical analysis and more observations on the events early Thursday.

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